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Morrow Suss addresses the aviation market place by meeting varying customer requirements including Business Jets, Leisure Flights, Light-Sport Aircraft, Gliders, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Hybrid Aerial Vehicles, Aerial Robotics and allied parts / services. With the combined knowledge of direct selling and/or facilitating deals – buying, selling, brokering and/or refurbishing, Morrow Suss offers consulting and appraisals for insurance companies, businesses, lawyers and banks.

Morrow Suss Aviation team always sets highest priority to provide top quality aircraft, parts and customer service to clients, worldwide. At Morrow Suss value for money is guaranteed, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and to provide unbeatable prices.

At Morrow Suss we recognize customer needs coupled with return on investment and take great pride in satisfying them. With our unique customer service approach, we deliver tangible benefits: exceptional customer service, increased efficiency, flexibility, comfort and security.

Through our many contacts in the aircraft industry, whatever your aircraft need, if we cannot provide the service we probably know someone who can. Bank on Morrow Suss.

Whether your requirements are simple or complex or if you are evaluating the acquisition, upgrade, paint or purchase of parts, Morrow Suss will help you make the right decisions.
Morrow Suss