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Global delivery & sourcing

Morrow Suss offers a wide range of services, right from application support to software engineering to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). With most delivery facilities centered in India, the global operations reflect all aspects of:

• Business

• Internal policies on hiring and compensation

• Work culture

• Responsiveness

• Organization structure

• Ability to execute projects seamlessly across the globe

Morrw Suss brings together many key capabilities that contribute to the value of solutions and the delivery of customer experience.

Our core strengths include:
  • Best-of-Breed Processes

  • They are focused on ensuring the highest levels of customer experience in the critical areas of:

    •  Quality

    •  Schedule

    •  Delivery management

    Strongly metrics-driven processes are integrated with an extremely mature service delivery model, incorporating best practices drawn from experience in delivering effective global solutions

  • Highly Evolved and Flexible Processes

  • Delivery Management Frameworks that support:

    •  Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) coverage, with differing    customer/overlay responsibilities and boundaries.

    •  Integration/alignment of customer specified standards and methodologies with    our standard frameworks and processes.

    •  Flexible pricing frameworks:

      •  Time and Material
      •  Fixed Price
      •  Service Level based pricing

  • Offshore Diagnostic

  • Diagnostic consulting assists customers in understanding their IT needs and collaboratively work to identify appropriate strategies to address the same. Diagnostic consulting is one of our strategic service offerings, which helps identify opportunities in customer applications portfolio that can be brought to offshore. We follow a structured methodology that involves assessment, evaluation, validation and building recommendation. Our abilities, along with strategic alliances, satiate the IT needs of customers through a single window.

  • Process, Quality & Methodology

  • Quality is based on ISO 9001 2000 and SEI CMM Level 5 Every project goes through project and quality management system governed by documentation processes that include Project Framework*
    *Project Framework documents are available on request

  • Long-term Relationship

  • Morrow Suss believes in building long-term relationships with customers. All our business transactions are long-term commitments. We thrive in the success of our customers.

  • Resourcefulness and Flexibility

  • Responsiveness to customers’ needs is our main concern. We have developed cohesive systems and processes together with interest in sustained growth.

    •  Resourcefulness of a large organization through unique resource collaboration models:

      •  Large number of skilled resources enabling scalability

      •  Careful planning and recruitment based on business plan

    •  Flexibility of a small company that includes:

      •  Range of pricing models based on time-and-material, fixed-price, and Service    Level Agreements (SLAs).

      •  Willingness and ability to support customers on all sizes of projects.

      •  Flat organization structure that allows superior Account Management capabilities    and open access to Senior Management.
  • Excellence in delivery of services

  • Our best-of-breed processes are integrated with a mature service delivery model and onsite-offshore methodology that enables uninterrupted and high service levels. The delivery management processes and frameworks support complete Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) coverage and enable integration with customer specified standards and methodologies.

    Our location strategy and world-class infrastructure also form a strong basis for excellence in service delivery.

  • Diverse workforce

  • Morrow Suss has the ability to recruit, train, engage and retain the most capable people enabled by:

    •  A rigorous selection process (appointing candidates from premier educational institutes)

    •  A comprehensive technology incubation program including professional and cross-cultural    training, empowering the employees for the global marketplace.

    •  Unique Human Resource (HR) policies including 360-degree appraisals, extreme flexibility     in assignment, location, platform, incentive policies

  • Client engagement

  • – unique and proactive business models

    Unique Client Centric Focus

    Morrow Suss emphasizes on flexibility and responsiveness. Morrow Suss continually works on customer orientation and ability to partner with customers on an ongoing basis for mutual benefit. To this effect, we have implemented a strong and a very effective account and delivery management model, with single-point owners for customer management.

    Morrow Suss conducts client engagements at any of the following six levels:

    •  Project Contracts (PC based on SLAs)

    •  Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

    •  Joint Venture (JV)

    •  Dedicated Setup (DS)

    •  Integrated Vendor Alliance (IVA)

    Based on mutual understanding, the delivery or partnership models including JV, BOT, DS, IVA are supported by shared services like corporate Administration, HR, QA, R&D, Recruitment, Purchase and other non-core support functions. The management processes, control and review mechanisms ensure complete transparency of progress, output, plans and problems, as if the projects are executed at single location or within customer location.

    Our partnership business models, such as offshore/dedicated development centers in India to companies overseas, offer a considerable cost advantage over having in-house development resources. At offshore centers the non-core areas in development life cycles for example Software Quality Assurance and Testing present even greater savings.

Morrow Suss